Hope and Gratitude for Special Needs Moms on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is here once again.  The feelings and emotions that come with this day are overwhelming.  Take your pick…. I rotate a zillion feelings on a daily basis.

Maybe today it will be the unconditional love for my daughter.  All the warm and fuzzy stuff that will never fade.  Or will it be the pure exhaustion I feel from helping her every step of the way?   Just one day off?  I need a week!

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7 Inspiring lessons I learned from parenting my child with special needs

My daughter with autism turns 15 years old today. And I find myself wondering, where did the time go?

When I think back, I realize all the stages of grief I went through and sometimes am still experiencing. It was extremely ugly in the beginning. I was scared and overwhelmed. Life had just dealt me a big blow and I was completely unprepared for it. I yearned for something I lost.   My heart missed the typically developing child that one day took a bad turn for the worse and regressed into autism. Continue reading