Curb anxiety, irritability, and low energy with this amazing herb — Saw Palmetto

Curb anxiety, irritability, and low energy with this amazing herb — Saw Palmetto

I wasn’t setting out to find motivation to tackle projects I’d been putting off for years….

or to stop the endless unproductive chatter in my brain…

and I certainly wasn’t looking to find a way to make the husbands of so many friends happier…

and yet, it happened.

And now, as I sit to write this article, I’m hoping to find adequate words to do justice to the unexpected life changes I’ve witnessed from this one remarkable herb, Saw Palmetto.

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5 Compliments to brighten the day of a special needs parent [and 5 to never say!]

“She’s really such a beautiful girl,” the mother of a classmate offered as our children skipped hand-in-hand toward the playground. Smiling, I thanked her and mentioned how much my daughter loves playing with hers.

As the day went on, I thought about how, to a parent of typically developing children, that exchange wouldn’t cause a moment of pause. But to a special needs parent – to be honest – some of the common reassurances and cliches can leave a lasting sting. Continue reading

Who moved my bath salts? 3 Life-changing steps to bring back self-care

Self-care is a trending topic.

First made popular by the undeniable appeal of rewarding yourself with spa treatments and luxury splurges after an especially stressful day, this version of consumer self-care is promoted heavily by companies selling self-care services and products.

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3 Herbs that cleared my skin completely when nothing else worked

In this life, we’ve all faced greater challenges than skin blemishes. But somehow, chronic skin issues have a way of making everything else feel insurmountable.

When we can’t meet the world with our best face and we feel as if everyone’s looking at our skin, it becomes an all encompassing focus. And when it’s cystic acne, it’s not just emotionally taxing, it’s physically painful too. Continue reading

How to forgive yourself for not preventing your child’s autism— An 8-step guide

Full disclosure: For this post to deliver on it’s offer, you’re going to need to be an active participant, not just a reader.

If that works for you, by the end of it, I can almost guarantee you’ll feel less guilty about things you didn’t know prior to your child’s regression and be on your way to the essential step of forgiving yourself.

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